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Ted Said…..

Mom, I can’t go to school today, said Ted.

Why not I ask.

Because I have the hiccups.

Oh boy, I am thinking. This is going to be a long 12 years!

We took Teddy to Dorney Park last Friday…..


Introducing….. Club Court

I am working on a small line of Christmas stockings made from one of my late Grandfather’s suit jackets. He lived on Club Court for many years. The fabric is wool and has rich shades of blue and bits of chestnut in the plaid. I am adding pieces of chestnut suede to each stocking and old leather buttons. Stay tuned. I will be listing them in a couple of weeks!

A New Chapter

I must tell everyone that a very special day is approaching. My son Teddy is starting first grade which means that I will have 7 whole entire hours to myself every day!

I know there are probably some other Moms out there rejoicing about the same thing, but you don’t understand. Teddy is the most disagreeable, non-compliant, non-cooperating child that ever existed. He is hard-headed and indecisive at the same time. He talks non-stop. He throws fits. And he hogs my computer and iPad.

Yes, I know….all kids are like that. But I will bypass that revelation and focus on the 7 hours that I will have FREE and QUIET.

First of all, I must lose 10 – 15 lbs. Teddy was so un-cooperative that whenever I wanted to go to the gym, he would refuse to go into the daycare. If I forced him, he would make my life miserable. So I stopped going to the gym. It was easier.

I also suffer from IBS which hinders me from going to the gym. Running to the bathroom in the middle of a work-out is not fun.

I am toying with the idea of doing a daily routine right here in my living room. After all…why not? I will have 7 hours for this. I plan to get a bunch of different work-out DVDs and give it a go, starting on Monday.

I also downloaded the book YOU on a Diet by Dr Oz. This book is very useful in getting rid of all the processed and unhealthy foods that we normally eat. I would like to make a lifestyle change but I realize that this will happen slowly. I would like to introduce a change every other week or so until I can automatically think in the new attitude towards food.

Second I would like to make a routine for my dogs where I walk them every day at the same time. This puts them on a poop schedule and makes them more comfortable. Plus they don’t get so bored – dogs love routine and exercise!

Thirdly, I want to focus on my business and make some money. All summer I have been sewing Christmas stockings to prepare for the holiday rush. I have about 125 made and I want to reach a goal of at least 400 by early November. Is that possible? I don’t know. I certainly have the time to make it possible!

And lastly, I would like to continue my blog. I would love to snap pictures of my work as I go along. I want to take pics of little things around the house that inspire me and share them. Having a blog is thrilling to me, even if no one reads it!

So staring on Monday, August 27th, all these things will commence. I am so excited.

My biggest fear is that I will find that 7 hours really isn’t enough to accomplish anything. That I will be bored. I will miss Teddy.


C’mon Monday…hurry up and get here.


An Ice Storm through my camera lens!


The ice was magnificent through the windows in my living room!

My Take On: Dog Rescue

You cannot “rescue” dogs unless you have respect for humanity.

You must be able to forgive the mistakes and ignorance of humans. You must be able to differentiate between real abuse and ignorance which is not really a crime.

Otherwise you will end up a cranky, suspicious person with a hoarding personality.


It’s been nearly two months since I last posted. ARGH. I never intended to leave it this long. But I was just out in my yard taking pics of the beautiful snow and listening to the birds sing. It was magical. I was amazed at how quiet it was and how many birds were actually singing.

That’s why we love birds…because even though it’s freezing cold and they’re half-starved, they are still singing! Not many of us can claim the same temperament.

The snow weighed heavily on the pine trees and although I’m afraid that my Arborvitae is ruined, I quickly got over it when I saw how picturesque it was all around me. I decided to stay there, looking and listening.  Well that was after I ran back in….or actually stomped, jumped and fought my way back in through the deep snow, and got my camera.

So here are some of my favorite shots:

Who messed up my snow?

Nature only allows us a small window to enjoy this beauty before the snow starts falling off of the trees. I’m glad I got to enjoy it.

Ted Said!

Remember when we were kids and we used to get the words wrong to songs? We look back and laugh because we always remember those exact parts we screwed up (at least I do!) Like Ramona in Beverly Clearly’s novels, “By the Dawnzerlee light!”

Ted is in the next room sweetly singing “The Farmer in the Dell”.

I am listening to the utter cuteness of the little boy voice.

So cute for such morbid singing!

But then I hear:

“The farmer takes his life, the farmer takes his life, Hi Ho the Merry Ho the farmer takes his life!”

That one has got to be a prize winner! I tried very hard to explain that the farmer actually takes a wife, but Ted wasn’t hearing it.

“NO!” he says. “The farmer takes his life!”

So maybe Ted knows something we don’t??

Ted Said……

Teddy is just learning what is means when we say “wild” animal.

I am in the shower this morning and I hear, “MOMMY” through the noise of the water spray. I can just barely make out him asking, “Is a tiger wild?”

“Yes!” I shout. “But can you wait ’til I get out?!”

“Okay Mommy, but is a giraffe wild?”


“How about a bear?”


“Is a penguin wild?”

Okay now this is getting ridiculous! 

“YES! Can you wait ’til I get OUT!”

Ok, mommy, but is a frog wild?”


Running out to the mailbox this morning look what I almost stepped on! Gee, it’s a WILD frog with an autumn leaf stuck onto his back!

You Capture – Autumn

This week’s You Capture is Autumn. I love Autumn but this year it’s had a bittersweet shadow. I was so overwhelmed by the snow last year and I know it’s all coming again. To be honest, summer was not long enough for me.

But at this very moment the foliage is at its peak in color. Today is a lovely sunny day which should make it even more picturesque.

Ted had to wear orange to school yesterday for the Harvest Party. I managed to snap this picture before I took him that morning. Just look at the dirt on his vest from the back of the pumpkin….perfectly boy!

Teddy and his cousin Ethan went trick or treating together last night. Ted was a Giraffe and Ethan a monkey. Their costumes were similar (both from Old Navy) and had a lot of padding around the middle area. It was so funny to watch them run together  as fast as they could to get more candy. Very often one of them would go sprawling flat on their tummy, bucket and contents flying everywhere.  Those padded costumes were perfect for the little tykes who just couldn’t seem to keep their balance while sprinting from house to house.

A monkey and a giraffe goofing off!

The costumes were also very warm and it happened to be the coldest Halloween I’ve ever been out in. I couldn’t wait to get home, that’s how uncomfortable it was.

If the zoo animals would just hold still!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups must have been cheap this year because everyone seemed to have them. I had a big bowl of them out for the kids who came to our house. And every time Ted would get another one of those orange wrapped candies, he’d huff and puff all the way back to me saying, “We have these at home already!” So embarrassing!

I love this picture of Auntie Dawn (Ethan's Mommy)

Ted Said…..

Typha plants at the edge of a small wetland in...

Image via Wikipedia

I took Teddy to see some old friends called Marilyn and Bill. I had known them for quite a few years but I hadn’t seen them in a long while and they had never met Teddy. So as you all could imagine, I was a wee bit nervous.

They had moved house in the past few years and I was excited to see it! The house is ranch style, wrapped around a picturesque Japanese garden. Marilyn has impeccable taste when it comes to decorating, and she’s packed the home with a mixture of antiques, vintage and some modern pieces. The place is marvellous!

Bill works with the local conservation organization. He created garden beds in the back of the house and planted many native plants. He took me and Teddy on a tour, patiently explaining every single plant to me. I found it fascinating but before you Readers imagine this scene as idyllic, don’t forget, Ted was there!

He was hanging on my arm saying non-stop, “Mom, let’s go look at the stream! Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy”. I was trying so hard to give Bill my attention and REALLY wanted to but Ted was just unbearable.

Finally we got down near the stream and Bill grabbed a Cattail and said to Teddy, “Do you know what this is?”

“Yes”, he said with an air of confidence. “It’s a corndog!”

Well Bill and I had to admit that it did look like a corndog and as we laughed we were very glad Ted didn’t ask to taste it.